Saturday, 28 March 2015

Diary of a Relapse - Day 4

Too ill to think or write tonight. I felt well enough to go for my colonic this morning (more on that later) and then picked up my steroids at last. Now I'm not sure if this apparent worsening of symptoms is the MS or side effects from these bloody meds.
My head feels like it's in a vice, with someone occasionally coming along to turn the handle, the heavy iron plates gradually tightening against skull, crushing my brain. 

I'm grateful for the good company and loving support of my Other Half right now. And that the MS isn't worse. I'm choosing to see today as the low water mark. With the right nutrition, rest, meditation and a bit of luck, I WILL bounce back.

OH just made me a fantastic dark green juice. Shame I couldn't take a photo. Important but is the recipe though:

The Green Phoenix
100g spinach
half cucumber
1 courgette
1 lime
huge chunk ginger

NB: this is a strong, zingy, dark green juice. It is NOT sweet.
If you would prefer yours sweet, try adding pears or apples.

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